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keyword: NEON • marcus bracey dreaming lips neon • dianne harris cadeceus • god's own junkyard "light in bulb" • ruiz stephenson in hand neon artwork • papi easy tiger • "lido" neon sign • source: 1stdibs

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keyword: SALMON • turkish oushak carpet • eames fiberglass bucket chairs • nicolas geshquiere balenciaga embroidered beaded matelasse dress • 19th century northern ohio blanket mills horse blanket pillows • faberge jewelled gold and enamel cigarette case, workmaster henrik wigstörm • carved coral 'sanduo' pendant qing dynasty • source: 1stdibs, sotheby's


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keyword: ENVELOPE • custom wall mounted modernist writing desk • antique victorian sterling silver and enamel vesta case • richard smith red envelopes • pineidor art deco sterling silver catch-all • harvey probber executive pedestal desk • southern song dynasty 'guan' octagonal vase • illustrated envelope from jack b. yeats to rev. t. a. harvey showing chart of pirate island • italian sculptural mantis form lounge chairs • french leather box with brass mounts • source: 1stdibs, mutualart, sothebys


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keyword: SAFARI • chez faouzi custom made shell necklace • gérald genta bronze and titanium automatic jump hour wristwatch with retrograde dategifica safari • yves saint laurent 'river gauche' onesie • kaare klint 'safari' chair • leather suitcase & canvas steamer bag • berber moroccan rug with modern tribal style and judaic influence • source: 1stdibs, sotheby's, christie's


excelskirt készítette ezt a képet.